Writers Unite to Fight Cancer

Cancer has a characteristic that we teach our children. Share. Unfortunately, its sharing causes heartache, financial strain and often death. In a period of less than ten years, I lost my sister to colon cancer, prayed for the recovery of two of my sisters-in-law to survive breast cancer and nearly lost my husband to esophageal […]

“I Must Be Dreaming” Book Trailer

Santa Goes Shopping

Ever wonder where Santa gets ideas for toys? Your child will be delighted with this wonderfully illustrated book about Santa and Mrs. Claus. For only $12.00 plus shipping & handling, you will have a great stocking stuffer.

Libby’s Vacation 2011 Glyph Award Winner

Purchase this delightful book and ease your child’s mind when you go on vacation and your pet isn’t with you. Libby’s Vacation is an amusing story about a yellow lab. Its delightful illustrations capture the charm of Liberty Bell’s character. If you are interested in purchasing a copy at $12.00 plus s&h, please send an […]

Surviving Esophageal Cancer

Two days before Thanksgiving 2002, I was in the kitchen preparing dinner when the phone rang. I saw on the caller ID that it was Dr. Saperstein. My heart rate began to increase. I had butterflies in my stomach. It had been four days since Larry’s endoscopy and biopsy. I picked up the remote handset […]