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Writers Unite to Fight Cancer

Cancer has a characteristic that we teach our children. Share. Unfortunately, its sharing causes heartache, financial strain and often death. In a period of less than ten years, I lost my sister to colon cancer, prayed for the recovery of two of my sisters-in-law to survive breast cancer and nearly lost my husband to esophageal cancer. A classmate of mine from my writing class had cancer. It just happened. One day, she had a cough and the next day she was down for the count. She waged a brave battle for over a year against her demon, but lost to cancer. Enough sharing already!

I don’t know anyone who has not been touched by cancer in some way; family or friends. My husband’s survival experience prompted me to write a Memoir; I MUST BE DREAMING. While it was therapeutic and hopefully those readers who experience symptoms of GERD will pay attention, it’s not a cure.

My fellow authors and I donate proceeds from book sales at advertised book signing events. We have joined forces with the White Lions Foundation and the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR Foundation). Our Writers Unite to Fight Cancer group is taking action. We’ve turned our book events into something special; an opportunity to do our share in raising money for cancer research.

We each present our newest books at each event. In addition to I Must Be Dreaming, I have my award winnning children’s book, LIBBY’S VACATION. It is a perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas.

Please join us in our challenge of raising funds for AACR Foundation. There is still HOPE. This year has been declared the the year of the birthday. My husband and I walked in a Relay for Life. I was awestruck at the number of people participating who had survived cancer, were stricken with cancer and walking in spite of their pain and their supporters. When we walked the first lap in silence around the high school track with our candles flickering in the darkness, Amazing Grace played over the intercom. The entire track was lined with luminaries representing family members, who had lost their struggle. Organizers of the event had set up a huge luminary display on the stadium steps that spelled out HOPE. The second lap, the luminaries had been rearranged to spell CURE. People cheered. Everyone cried. Your donations can help one more person celebrate another birthday.

by Louise Laughlin author of I Must Be Dreaming, Libby’s Vacation and Santa Goes Shopping.