Jan 4, 2010: I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your book. We went home for the holidays to see my parents. The book was sitting on the coffee table… couldn’t put it down once I started reading it. The love between the two of you is inspiring! Thank you for sharing with us all. Enjoy your retirement and keep writing!

December 13, 2009: Well they say things happen for a reason and I guess if I moved I wouldn’t have bought your book and I wouldn’t have had the joy of reading it! I read it on my next three flights and I found it a great read and I commend you on your efforts. I’m no Rex Read (or whatever is name is) but I think you did a great job on your first book. You are obviously a very talented lady married to a fun adventurous guy. I wish you both the very best and hopefully a relaxing retirement together.

December 27, 2009: , I loved reading the book and now my husband will be getting started on it. So thanks for sharing your life with me. It gave me a new understanding of tolerance, faith, courage, and hope that no matter what God gives us we can survive and that it makes us stronger and better people.